Consultant and mentor

I’m mostly focused on building API’s, HTTP-related applications and improving development processes.
I also really like working on legacy projects to support teams to take them back in hand.

My services are articulated in three stages:

  • Audit of the existing and definition of the need;
  • Integration and development of the project;
  • Training and support in getting started with the project.

I mainly develop in PHP (Laravel, Symfony, …) using techniques that allow me to guarantee quality throughout the project (unit tests, integration tests, integration and continuous deployment …).
I mainly rely on open source tools and technologies such as: PHPStan, PHPSpec, PHPUnit, Atoum, Behat, Ansible, Git, MariaDB, Elasticsearch, Redis … These tools are chosen scrupulously to meet the problems of the project.

I also work on the Front-End part in the implementation of methods and technical architecture. I use the most suitable tools depending on the project (Vue.js, Backbone.js, Javascript, Sass, …) to limit complexity as much as possible while ensuring the best experience for users.

I also perform maintenance in the context of improving or creating functionalities on production projects.

In recent years, I have built trusts relationships with other independent professionals. When necessary, we work collaboratively to carry out projects.

If we have to work together, please read the collaboration convention on this site. She describes some very important methods and tools to help our exchanges.