Collaboration convention


The purpose of this collaboration convention is to define a few rules to make our discussions more reliable and easier. This page is not immutable and can evolve.


I prefer to avoid, but sometimes I need to store your passwords. To ensure the security of these passwords, I use the Bitwarden software.

This software is compatible with Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS and allows you to store passwords in a secure safe for later use in a browser or application. You just need to know the password for the safe to be able to use the passwords it contains.

Another advantage is that it can generate complex passwords for you to avoid always reusing the same one and it stores the result for you.

Using such a tool eliminates the need to send passwords by instant messaging or email.

Source code management

To manage the code of all my projects I use the Gitlab platform. You can create an account and an organization allowing you to benefit from private deposits and reserved for certain people. If you use another tool of this type, no worries for me I could very well use it.

Gitlab integrates an advanced rights management system, if you need, I could assist you in creating accesses and train you in its use.

Please note : If you wish to subscribe to a paid subscription on a platform of this type, you will have to take care of the transaction.


Sometimes I’m asked what is “my” technical solution for hosting and servers. I use Scaleway, a French cloud provider of very high quality and which offers good value for money. It is possible to create an online machine in a few clicks from € 3 per month. The range of servers is complete and they can support their users in their plateform evolution.

It’s a good place to start if you don’t have your own infrastructure yet.

The installation of the server is a service that I invoice or that you can have performed by a third party. I do not outsource or maintain the machines in production, I could advise several competent people if necessary.

Please note : You will need to create your own account on this platform and fill in your payment information. You will thus be autonomous with the machines which will have been used during the development.

Domain Name and DNS

I go through a dedicated provider for the registration of domain names: OVH.

You can create an account with OVH and deposit your domain name. If necessary, I can assist you with the purchase or configuration of the domain name.

Once this domain is created, you can add a technical contact who will be my identifier. This will allow me to be able to access your domain name without knowing your access.

Please note : You will need to create your own account on this platform and fill in your payment information. You will be able to make your own purchases and be autonomous once my service is completed.


It is now recommended to provide an HTTPS URL for your site. I’m used to using Let’s Encrypt for this.

The advantage of Let’s Encrypt is to generate free certificates to use for your site. These certificates have a limited lifespan (90 days) but can be renewed free of charge.

If you have your certificate or if you want to buy a higher level of security than that offered by Let’s Encrypt, I can use it without problem. If you need help with this step I can support you.

Please note : We should discuss this step before purchasing your certificate. There are different types of certificates and costs can quickly increase.

Encrypted communications

If you wish, we can protect our exchanges via a certificate based on GPG.

First, you need to install GPGTools for MacOS or GPG4Win for Windows. By installing this program, you will be able to create your certificate and thus protect your access.

I’m using the Keybase directory to share my key. This directory makes it easy to carry out encrypted exchanges between registered members. Since this operation can be technical, contact me to set up these solutions.

My public key

Messaging and calls

For exchanges of this type, I also use Keybase on a daily basis which is compatible with all systems.

My profile :

Of course I adapt and I can use another messaging system but Keybase allows end-to-end encrypted exchanges and also offers private and encrypted storage space too for exchanges within a “team”.

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