Once upon a load test in real time…

We were lucky to present this talk at the Berlin Online PHP Conference online in 2020.

Today, WebSockets are more and more used in our projects. The real time they bring us allows to respond to new usages, to differentiate ourselves with new features. But beware, new techno, new responsibilities. Indeed, this protocol is not easy to test, how to ensure the maintenance of service or check the consistency of exchanges?

Between load tests and interaction scripting, I propose you to enter in the bowels of Artillery a lightweight and open source load testing framework. It is not in PHP (it is even written in JavaScript) But can clearly be an ally of size in your projects.

This feeback is a mixture of functional tests and load tests. The end goal is to reassure everyone, developers and customers, about the concrete capabilities of the software in the deployed infrastructure.

Talk abstract

You can find the slides here: public.chstudio.fr