Tourinsearch, tourism aggregator

Indexing, research and updating of the tourist offer for various institutional sites.

Tourinsearch is a software suite made up of different modules that we have designed, integrated and that we continue to improve.

This tool makes it possible to enhance the content from heterogeneous tourist databases in order to allow the Internet user to easily access the tourist offer (search, highlighting, detailed sheet, reservation, etc.).

Tourinsearch allows, among other things, to create a user-oriented navigation to allow him to refine his research. This mechanism was borrowed from e-commerce sites.

The tool has been designed to make it possible to pool reflection around the relevance of the content in order to quickly integrate it into different media.

Indeed, a very strong constraint for the main users and developers is to be able to integrate this offer into different content management systems. The offer is therefore directly linked to the editorial content of the site (internal networking, contextualization of the offer).
One of the strengths of the tool is to allow the improvement of the SEO for tourist offers by this merger with the editorial content. The search engine by refinement thus generates a mesh of structured links which improves referencing.

This project has been deployed and used on more than thirty projects across France since its creation. It is still active today.

Used technologies

PHP, Bash