Open Source Contributor

As a freelancer I particularly like being able to work on open source projects and I devote 20% of my time to them. I thus broaden my vision of the profession by benefiting from the expertise and support of the community which is a precious asset.

You can find my public contributions on my GitHub and Gitlab accounts. GitHub has boosted Open Source by bringing it out of the chaos in which contributions were bathed before that.

I also carry out public talks to talk about the subjects that are most dear to my heart. If you want to involve me, contact me!

Mautic’s WordPress extension

This extension, of which I am one of the official maintainers, makes it possible to integrate the functionalities of the Mautic platform in WordPress (form, tracking, etc.).

It is quite rare that technical and marketing skills work hand in hand to achieve a common project, however this seems to me to be essential in the field of the web where the two are omnipresent. Mautic allows it and it is the only marketing automation tool developed in open source.

My role is mainly to ensure that the quality of the WordPress extension (unit tests, continuous integration, translation, support and publication of versions).


Hoa is a set of PHP libraries that can be compared to the cement that allows you to go from a card castle to an impregnable castle ?.

Through Hoa, Ivan Enderlin put into practice the theories developed during his thesis to “offer” them to the web world. He was one of the first researchers to trust PHP, at a time when he was shunned by many for his lack of rigor.

The learning, support and kindness I received from a competent community made me see my job differently. I strive to transmit these values ​​today in my contributions and in my work.